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Nov. 1998

The Voice of Vintage Music

1st Edition

Royal Museum

Until 4 January 1999

Jewellery Moves takes a fresh look at the role and character of contemporary jewellery design. The exhibition brings together the work of 130 makers from all parts of the world, providing a fascinating overview of the current state of the art.

Displayed in glowing, futuristic cases, the exhibits are grouped under themes such as form, alchemy, politics, ideas and identity. Diverse in concept, style and execution, the works are united in their quality and originality.

An astonishing range of materials has been used to great effect. A delicate necklace by German artist Katja Korsawe, for example, is created out of tanned pig's bladder. A shimmering collar by Swiss artist Verena Sieber-Fuchs is fashioned from fragments of photographic film. Materials with little or no intrinsic value are thus transformed into bewitching pieces of jewellery.

Traditional materials such as gold, silver and precious stones are also very much in evidence, while synthetic materials - plastic, acrylic, PVC - provide limitless possibilities of colour and texture.

The book which accompanies the exhibition, written by curators Amanda Game and Dr Elizabeth Goring, provides an inspiring survey of contemporary jewellery. Price £12.99, or available at a special price of £9.99 from the Museum Shop only.

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Can combine some, like Strong and Citation
But others may not combine.

The Changing Room
Adjacent to the jewellery exhibition, The Changing Room offers daily jewellery workshops, events and demonstrations for all age groups. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, 1 to 5pm.

Special events include:

8 October & 18 November, 1-5pm
Drop-in repoussé workshop with jeweller Mark Powell. All ages welcome.

29 October, 3pm
Elizabeth Moignard, Director of the Institute for Art History, University of Glasgow, talks about her own collection of contemporary jewellery.

30 & 31 October, 1-5pm
Masks, monsters & magic: Hallowe'en workshops for all ages.

26 November, 1.30-2pm
Jeweller Sonia Rae talks about her steel and silver work.

Lecture Series
An exciting programme of lectures has been organised to complement the exhibitions Jewellery Moves and Making Weaves, and celebrate the launch of the Crafts Gallery. Subjects for October and November include:

6 October
Contemporary Japanese jewellery
Professor Yasuki Hiramatsu,
jeweller & lecturer

20 October
The modern ring in context
Dr Beatriz Chadour-Sampson,
jewellery historian & author

26 October
British contemporary glass
Dan Klein, expert & author on historic & contemporary glass

16 November
Function & fiction: the crafts in contemporary culture
Martina Margetts, curator & writer on contemporary crafts

Lectures take place from 7pm to 8.30pm, and doors open at 6.30pm (Lothian Street Entrance). Tickets can be bought in advance from the Information Desk or at the door, price £2. For further information call 0131 247 4219.

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