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Conical-Bore Irish Wooden Flutes

Patrick Olwell is recognized by professional Irish style flute players as one of the world's best makers of wooden Irish flutes. This approbation is attested to by the fact that he has an order list of about five years.

Historic Woodwinds
P.O. Box 117
Nellysford, VA  22958

Shop Phone Number:  (804) 277-9215

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Even if you already own a flute, but not a quality wooden one (yet), please take a look at the discussion of what makes the six holed, wooden flute so special.

Why buy a wooden flute?

Meet the maker
of these premier
wooden flutes

Olwell's Flute designs

Players of Olwell flutes

Listen to a wooden flute


Historic Woodwinds
P.O. Box 117
Nellysford, VA  22958

Shop Phone Number:
(804) 277-9215


Olwell is not taking orders on the web.

If the Celtic Cove helped you in your
selection of an instrument, please
mention this to the maker whenever
you place an order.

Guide to Care and Feeding

Olwell does not have a website.

He says that he is concerned that it will
distract him from his work.  All of those
who have orders in progress are in firm
agreement with this philosophy.


The tools that grace the "icons"
have been traditionally used in
wood working for hundreds of
years.  Many of these same hand
tools are still adeptly employed
by flute makers even today.

For a description of each of these
tools, take a quick tour here.

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