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Is this the real Patrick Olwell?      


Olwell resides in a small town in Virginia.   He does occasionally venture out for major festivals and to study the historical instruments.  He is dedicated to the perfecting of his skills.   Nearly 100% of his flutes are made from scratch.  He molds his own keys.  Much of the work is done with hand tools, but he concedes that some power tools have to be used in order to keep prices affordable.


Olwell's flute designs are based on prime historical examples such as those by Rudall, Rose, and Pratten.  The following are examples of their flutes from more than 100 years ago.  Olwell's designs clearly show the hallmarks of his predecessors.  However, he is not so tradition bound that he would copy the mistakes with the good.  Where necessary, he improves the bore or other characteristics to get the optimal performance.


Players of Olwell flutes include members of the Chieftains, Solas, and many others.  Solo players, who can't hide behind other instruments, require a top quality flute like Olwell's for performance.  Seamus Eagan, an Ireland National champion in flute and other instruments, is a player of an Olwell.

Rudall & Rose, 1840


Reviews to follow.

This isn't the real Patrick Olwell either.


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