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Traditional Handtools for Working Wood

A fine tool is also an instrument.  Many of the handtools used throughout the centuries past are still used in the shops of fine craftsmen.  No woodworking job requires more skill than the making of musical instruments.

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Inquiring minds want to know:

Can you identify all of the antique, old,
vintage hand tools in the pictures below?

Hand tools have been used to shape wood
and other materials since the begining
of man's time here on Earth.

Nail Puller & Wire Cutter

Try Square

Bevel Gauge

Screw Drivers
Chisels, Flat

Chisels, Gouges


Wooden Mallet

Stain or Varnish Bucket

 Dust Brush

Hammer, Large

Nail Punch

Nail Pry Bar, small

Hammer, small

Plumb Bob, Ink Well, & Scribe






Draw Knife

Spoke Shaves, two sizes


Conical Borer

Framers Saw

Back Saw or Gentlemen's Saw

Keyhole Saw

Block Plane, large

Sharpening Stone & Holder

Plane, small

Drill Brace & Bits

Marking Gauges, three

All the above tools fit in this tool chest.
A tool chest is more than just a box.
Ideally it is custom made to fit the tools
and protect their cutting edges--both from
getting damaged or cutting their owner!

In a sense, a tool chest is really a treasure
chest, because all sorts of beautiful and
valuable things can be made with it (like
beautiful music instruments).

How well did you do?

Do you household have some of these types of tools?

Want to learn more about historic tools and tool chest?

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Some day we will provide coloring books and other
instructional and entertaining childrens materials
with some good old fasioned designs in them such
as the above.

For examples of some nteresting tool
chests, look at . . .
(under construction)

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